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Variant II

Exercise 1.

a) The company will be moving to Canada

b) Apple. Inc. has introduced a new computer to compete with IBM. Inc.

c) Mathematics is easy for me

d) Economics is not my best subject in college

e) We celebrates Founder’s Day every year

f) Peter has completed all his homework this week

g) She wants to continue in her present job

h) Our investigation is done well

i) “No mistake here - a specific National Gallery”

j) If we’ll turn right, we’ll get to the National Gallery

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

  1. Tom is good at English.
  2. The phone line is busy all the time.
  3. Please, let Mr. Braun that I am waiting for him in the office.
  4. I am arriving to London the day after tomorrow.
  5. Is the schedule of our meeting ready already?
  6. We expect the boss to come at 6 p.m.
  7. Could you wait in the waiting room?
  8. When will the report be printed?
  9. Our company was founded on April 6, 1995.
  10. Let’s meet in two days in the afternoon.


Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

  1. The restaurant has been opened on Monday.
  2. These news are just what I need.
  3. Nobody said anything about him.
  4. We depend on Mr Duck’s money.

Exercise 7

b) My favorite subjects

My name is Vyacheslav. I am seventeen years old. I study at the first year of a university. We have a lot of interesting subjects at the university: accounting, statistics, mathematics, English etc. Some pupils prefer to learn foreign languages, accounting; others tend to learning of physical education, statistics.

My favorite subject is English. Nowadays the English language is the language of culture, politics, and international relations. The English language is taught in the kindergartens, schools and universities.

I try to learn a lot of words, read books, newspapers and magazines in English, listen to English songs and teaching cassettes. Our teacher of English is very experienced. During our lessons, we read, write, repeat words and ask questions.

I hope that I will speak English very well in the future. The knowledge of language helps people from different countries to communicate with each other, write letters or just travel.

I think that at the present time the knowledge of a foreign language is necessary for every person.